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RTS meets TD

Realtime battles with RTS-enriched Tower Defense engines. This is not a casual game, at all.

A grim 4x campaign

The Western Marches are burning, the enemy is at the gate, betrayal is behind every corner. And damn, you also ran out of brandy.

Available on Steam

Empires in Ruins is already on Steam to be wishlisted. It also features online leaderboards, cloud saves and achievements.

The bastard son of 4X and Tower defense, infused with low-brow humor and set in a grim, disillusioned world.

Battle map preview

4X System preview

Empire In Ruins is a new take at strategy that merges the Tower Defense genre’s detailed, recognizable gameplay with elements of Turn-Based Empire Management, in a hybrid never before seen.

Conquer, build, defend and lead the grumpy Sgt. Hans Heimer in his own personal vendetta against “the system”.

  • Plot driven campaign – betrayals, diplomacy and nasty twists
  • Turn based strategy – quell the rebellion, kick back the enemy and restore the law.
  • Empire management – conquer back the provinces, strengthen your command, chose your best governors and grant your military campaign a steady flow of resources
  • Tower defense-based combat – fight your battles in a new, advanced tower defense style that winks at advanced real time strategy
  • Arcade play mode. Because… FIGHT!
  • Low brow humor, low brow humor everywhere! – Don’t smile, it’s punishable.

Try the battle beta for free!


Unique Towers


Special abilities


Realtime battlefields


Technologies to research


Tiers of province assets


Deceitful enemies

Empires in Ruins

Good…bad…I am the guy with the flask of brandy. Wanna know where you can
meet us next time? Seek no further!

EGX Rezzed, Tobacco Dock, London
(4th-6th April 2019)

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Emiliano Pastorelli

Emiliano Pastorelli

Team Leader, Lead Designer & Developer
George Bigiakis

George Bigiakis

Lead 3d Artist
John Gkekis

John Gkekis

3d Rigger and Animator
Alexandros Iakovidis

Alexandros Iakovidis

3d Models and Textures Artist
Marcus Ambichl

Marcus Ambichl

SFX Crafting and Audio System Developer
Alessio De Luca

Alessio De Luca

3d Models
Yannis Patras

Yannis Patras

PR & Marketing

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