Towers among the ruins – Part 1, Base Towers

In Empires in Ruins, Towers do constitute the bulk of your military force. Given the lack of men for a real army and all-in attack, Sarge needs to resort to a defensive offense, by tricking the enemies into attacking and using the old fortifications already present in the provinces and now in Rebels’ hands.

In EiR there are 4 base towers that can be upgraded (once the proper technology has been unlocked through research) and branched into different upper tiers tower types. The base towers are Guards (Archery), Catapult (Artillery), Scouts (Scouting) and Shrine (Temple), let’s start with them for this entry!

Tier 1: Base towers

Guards Tower

The most basic of the archery towers, the Guards Tower shoots a single target with an average-slow but steady pace. Can target all types of enemies. It has no available special abilities but can be upgraded to Composite Bow or Crossbow Tower.

  • Vulnerable to fire

Catapult Tower

What’s better than long range area damage to improve your potential in crowd control? Slow and brutal, the Catapult Tower will hammer the enemy ground troops relentlessly, hitting a large area and splatting everything moving inside it.

  • Ignore cover bonuses on enemies
  • Vulnerable to fire
  • Area of effect damage

Scouts Tower

The Scout Tower has no relevant attack capabilities, but represents the only way to obtain information on the incoming waves of enemies. All the waves in transit in its area will be predicted and, according to the upgrades, more and more details will unfold.

  • Detects incoming enemies paths
  • Extremely vulnerable to fire
  • No direct attack capabilities


According to the clergy of Kaer, there are just two answers to a question: theirs, and the wrong one. Despite being a merciless god, though he takes care or his folks. The Shrines convey his will through austere holy sybols. The curses cast by the priest will confuse and slow down the incoming enemies, while their prayers will bless the faithful ones.

  • Boosts moral, armor and magic resistance to allies in range
  • Slows down target enemy units

The base towers tend to be quite vulnerable to the enemies attacks, and don’t have any unlockable special ability beside those listed above (that are always active on the tower).

So, this was the first one, we’re gonna work soon on the next one with Tier 2 towers.
See you soon,
Dr.H, Lead Designer&Dev

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