Empires in Ruins – Natural resources

Today’s about geography, a fairly unusual topic at least until now, or at least tackled on this way.



In Empires in Ruins, provinces do have some geographical features that can’t be changed and that do imbue the province with some peculiarities. Scouting a province or conquering it will inform you about the natural resources and what kind of advantage they might provide you.


NR Grass
+3 food production
Allows to build Pastures in the province (Food production)

Pastures 01Pastures 02Pastures 03


NR Rocks
+10% stone
Allows to build Quarry in the province (Stone production)

Quarry 01Quarry 02Quarry 03

Water Bodies

NR Water
+2 food production
Allows to build Fisherman’s Hut in the province Food production)

Fisherman 01Fisherman 02Fisherman 03
The province can be subject to the Flood random event.

Ore Deposits

NR Ore
+10% iron
Allows to build Iron Mine in the province (Iron production)

Mine 01Mine 02Mine 03


NR Forests
+10% wood
Allows to build Logging Camp in the province (Wood production)

Hunters Lodge 01Hunters Lodge 02Hunters Lodge 03
Allows to build Hunter’s Lodge in the province (Food production)

Carpenter 01Carpenter 02Carpenter 03

Soon we will show you how those assets are built, displayed and handled, but i hope this is a good start for a teaser (i personally love those buildings assets 😉 )


Dr.H, H&R

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