December Updates and Steam Demo

So, the demo is out! And guess what, it had a classic day 1 bug. Unbelievable, one week testing it, then at the last minute a small fix in order to prevent the loading of the wrong save files, and…. BADUM TSSSS: all of a sudden it’s impossible to start a new Campaign.

And this is where we really need to thank our ingame feedback system: some good soul luckily reported it, and fixing it was trivial, a matter of a couple of minutes. So now the first Day 1 patch it’s officially up, and the game officially works (luckily Arcade mode had worked since the beginning).

Still, we should wear sackcloth and ashes for such a dumb mistake, but well, at least it’s fixed :steamhappy:

What’s in the demo you will ask. Will you ask? Well, in case you will, here’s the demo content:

* The first part of the campaign, including intro, dialogs, 5 battle maps and up to 25 turns of management.
* 5 Arcade maps to play as many times as you wish in all difficulties
* The “famed” Map 26, our workbench map, not part of the game but used to develop and test it, with ALL THE TOWERS and ALL THE ENEMIES so to see how the game evolves.

The demo still lacks a tutorial, but that’s because we are currently working on it, to make sure it’s ready by Early Access release time. As you can imagine, to make a proper tutorial the gameplay and UI needs to be first finalized (we had a beautiful tutorial almost 2 years ago, then we had to remove it completely because of the tons of changes in the game).

That said, we hope you like it, and we really look forward to hear what you think about it!
Talk to you soon!
Dr.H, Lead Dev

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